The Human League - Fascination


1983) The music video for "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" was filmed in a semi-derelict area of Newham, London which was due for demolition and redevelopment as part of the widescale redevelopment of Docklands and East London which took place in the early 1980s. The central theme of the video was based on a red dot on a map, which in turn is a real red dot on the ground. The red dot highlights a single house on the apex of a street where the band are playing the song in the front room, which is painted entirely grey.
Filmed before the widespread use of CGI for the video the house (which was 1 First Avenue,London E13 8AP) and surrounding area (Junction of 1st Avenue and 3rd Avenue) encompassed by the red dot were painted red for real, including a complete car. The opening scenes establish the landscape from a map before zooming through the front window of the 'red' house, as the band starts the song. The video was conceived and directed by Steve Barron who directed most of the Human League's early 1980s music videos. The band's scenes were all filmed in a studio; Susan Ann Sulley says that the house was still occupied by a family during the painting and filming of the external scenes. The house remained red for a couple of weeks before finally being demolished in mid 1983. The area where the red house stood, today is a grassed area on the junction of First Avenue and Third Avenue. (Satellite Image)
The Human League are a British synthpop band formed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in 1977. They achieved popularity after a key change in line-up in the early 1980s and have continued recording and performing with moderate commercial success throughout the 1980s up to the present day.
Originally an avant-garde all-male synthesizer-based group from Sheffield, the only constant band member since 1977 is vocalist and songwriter Philip Oakey. Since 1987, the band has essentially been a trio of Oakey and long-serving female vocalists Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley (who joined the band in 1980), with various sidemen. The Human League has influenced many electro-pop, other synthpop, and mainstream acts including Madonna, Moby, Pet Shop Boys and Little Boots [3]. They have been sampled and covered by various artists including Ministry of Sound, Craig David, George Michael, KMFDM, and Robbie Williams.
Since 1978, they have released nine studio albums, 26 singles (including eight UK Top 10 singles with two #1 singles in the U.S./UK) and played over 350 live concerts. The Human League has sold an estimated 20 million records worldwide.

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